Where Can I Find Guavas?: Best Places To Buy Guava

Where Can I Find Guavas?: Best Places To Buy Guava

This is a list of genuine online stores where you can buy guavas and their products internationally. This includes wholesale, retail, and for consumers.

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eBay is one of the well known international online stores that long-established trust customers. The products on eBay are distributed to almost everywhere in the world.

The prices on eBay are also consumer-friendly that doesn’t require a huge budget.

The shipping is also good, in which you can receive your order typically within one to two weeks depending on your location in the world.

Despite not much complaint with regard to receiving dead plants, it is also important to closely and carefully check the customers’ reviews and comments before you ever make a buying decision.

You can also find other guava products other than cuttings such as leaf tea, fresh guava fruits, jam, juice, and jelly. You can find all forms of guavas varieties on eBay.


Amazon is one of the trusted online stores with diverse products and suppliers.

The products on Amazon are marketed internationally and with friendly prices. The shipping is also amazing.  It takes normally 2 to one week on a normal basis.

However, there are some downsides when it comes to buying guava for growing purposes. Some people who bought for growing purposes often complain of receiving dead plants.

But, you can prevent that by carefully checking customers’ reviews and comments on the guava plant that you want to purchase.

All other products of guava such as fresh guava fruits, leaf tea guava, jams, and juice can all safely buy without any doubt.


This is another international online store that is popular and with well-established trust with customers.

People can find different products that they cannot easily find from the nearby markets and grocery store at cheap prices.

There are different varieties and types of guavas on Walmart. You can also find fresh fruits of all guava varieties.

You can also find other guava products like jam and juice. It is also important to check reviews and comments before you buy guava plant.


This is a Chinese online store that is also popular with well-established trust.  You can find all forms of products directly from the suppliers.

Unlike the other well recognized and trusted e-commerce stores, the prices on Aliexpress are very cheap. However, the shipping takes about 2 to 4 weeks before you receive your ordered products.

On Aliexpress, you can also find all forms of guava plants and products.

However, when buying on Aliepress, you need to be careful with suppliers, and only buy from the supply you trust. This is for wholesale purposes.

But, if you are going for pieces, that is if you want to buy a single guava plant, check the reviews and comments of customers will be enough.


This is one of the giant e-commerce stores in the world, which specialized in bulk selling (wholesale). This online store is typically not designed for retail.

The price of all products is also affordable, and it will be cheaper if you established trust and a strong connection with manufacturers.

You can find all forms of guava varieties and products on Alibaba.

The shipping may take from 2 weeks to one month depending on where you are living or your country.

Where can I find guavas?
Where can I find guavas?


We have provided a list of places where you can buy guava and guava products such as jams, juice, smoothie, and leaf tea.

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