How to soften Guava Paste

Guava Vs Banana

Guava Paste can be called Guayabate, yeah. Before knowing how to soften Guava Paste, it’s a must to know what Guava Paste is.

What’s Guava Paste?

From the method used to prepare them, you’d know how they’re first prepared.

Guava Paste might seem so thick to penetrate in recipes or probably, to digest. But there’s a way you can soften this paste to become lighter. Here are the steps:

1) Cut the guavas into two and gouge out the seeds

  1. Pour all the seeds in a cup of water.
  2. Put the guavas into the remaining cups of water.
  3. Heat the water with the guavas, reduce the heat, cook the guavas until they are soft.
  4. Mix the guavas, stir them well so they won’t glue to the pot.

Remember you put the weds inside a cup of water. Fine, sever out the seeds and add the water to the guavas already prepared. The water would look sticky – like a gum. That’s its description. The cooked guavas should then be ground by a food mill.

After this, measure it. Then add a calculated amount of sugar. Stir them together vigorously and pour them into a large pan – say frypan. Stir very well and add a little heat to it. Stir them with a wooden or plastic spoon until you get a thick liquid and a jelly-like ice cube.

But I would rather you used wooden spoon. Turn down the gas or the cooking material completely and bring down the food. Hit the liquid for some minutes until you get a thick paste – it’s ten minutes approximately.

Then, place this liquid in a very cool place, devoid of direct sunlight. Do this for a whole day – I mean, 24 hours. To store this paste for future use, then, using the wooden spoon, extract the paste from the pan and wrap it in a lighter object like foil but if you prefer the paste dry, then extract it from the plate, put it on a wax paper and place on a wooden board. Stir and turn the paste repeatedly so that the sun will dry all its sides.

That’s the first method, you can also soften guava paste by the following second method.

How to soften guava paste

You should know instinctively that you need guavas before you can make the paste or soften the paste. So, bring out your guavas, cut the ends and discard the parts cut. Cut the guavas into four and if they still look big, cut them into a smaller shape.

Put the guavas into a part of the water you earmarked, inside a pot and cook the guavas till they become very soft – that’s approximately 20 minutes. Well, it could be between the range of fifteen to twenty minutes. The water added to the guavas that were cut should be around 300 millimeters or 1½ cups.

After it has cooked well, then grind it with a stick blender but if you use the normal blender, then let the guavas cool before grinding them. After they cool, then transfer those cooked guavas into the blender and grind well. Let the blender blend well to your satisfaction. Then, seive the paste so that the seeds would be discarded.

The solution gotten should be put in the pot with sugar and also with approximately ½ cup of water or 100 millimeters. Then, stir well. Just continue stirring but make sure the paste doesn’t get burnt. Stir, Stir and Stir until it has softened as desired.