How To Grow Guava From Seeds (With Pictures)

how to grow guava from seeds

In this guide, you are going to learn how to grow guava from seeds.


Guava is one of the delicious fruit to consider planting at home. It has very attractive foliage and fragrant flowers and fruits.

The leaves are also beneficial in solving different kinds of body problems including diabetes, cancers, infertility, and weight loss management. Find out more information about the health benefits of guava leaves and fruits.

What is the Right Time to Plant Guava Seeds

The most common method of growing guava for commercial purposes are cuttings, grafting, layering, budding, and seeds.

Growing guava with seeds is usually done at home as a fun project. In most cases, guava tree that propagated using seeds does not inherit the parent guava vigor such as sweet, aroma, and yield. That is why this method is less commonly used for commercial purposes.

In the tropical Americas such as the U.S, guava grows best outdoors in USDA zones 9a to 10b. it can also grow in the UADA zone 8. However, in this zone, guava requires to be covered porch or greenhouse throughout the winter.

In general, guavas do not require extreme temperatures above  90 or below 15 degrees. Guavas are best planted or grown during the summer or specifically in numbers.

How to Grow Guava From Seeds

If you do not have the seeds ready, you can blend one to the guava fruits of your choice. Then, wash them and strain the watery juice to separate the seeds from the juice. Allow them to dry.

In order to break the dormancy, you soak them water for weeks or alternatively soak them in boiling water for 15 minutes.

Before planting, you need the following materials:

  • Napkin paper
  • Transparent plastic container with cover


Wash the plastic container to make sure it is free from fungi and bacteria

how to grow guava from seeds
how to grow guava from seeds

Then, then place a napkin layer into the plastic container

how to grow guava from seeds
how to grow guava from seeds

Water and add a second napkin layer

how to grow guava from seeds
how to grow guava from seeds

Then, cover the plastic container with alid

Keep this container a warm place that is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature. Leave it to stay for about weeks.

Bring out the container after two weeks for repotting


The materials you need for reptting:

  • Soiless seed-starting mix
  • 4-inch planting mix


You need to prepare a potting mix by filling a 4-inch planting mix with a soilless seed-starting mix. Depending on the number of guava plants you want to grow, you can plant as many seedlings as you want. In this case, you are going to do only one seedling.

Take one seedling out of the germinating seedlings and gently press it into the center of the potting mix. Add a small amount of the mix to make sure that the seedling is firmly held to the soilless mix. Soak the pot gently with water and cover.

Now, place the pot under a warm temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep watering the pot from time to time until the plant is matured enough to survive in an open area. And this may take about two to four weeks.


Planting or growing from seeds usually results in a poor quality plant when compared with the parent guava. However, as a home project, you can easily grow guava from seeds without any special skills.

We hope you find this guide on how to grow guava from seeds useful. Let us know your questions and views about this guide in the comment section below.

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