When Is Guava Ripe?: Here Is What You Need To Know

when is guava ripe

In this guide, we are going to focus on providing you information about when is guava ripe plus when is guava ready to pick.


Guava is a small shrub and woody tree that responses quickly to changes in temperatures. Guava grows well in tropical and subtropical climates. Guava is a heavy producer of fruits and can start fruiting right after the second to the fourth year of planting.

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When is Guava Ripe to Eat?

when is guava ripe

Guava has no specific season for harvesting. The main signs of guava ripeness are color and smell changing.

White-fleshed guava can be harvested when the outer skin turns from deep green to fully-sized guava and light green.

The red-fleshed and pink-fleshed guava can be harvested when the skin or peel of the fully-sized fruits turn from green to golden yellow.

Another way to tell guava fruit is ripe is the aroma.

When guava is fully matured and ripe, it will start to give some nice and pleasant aroma that smells like a hybrid between pear and strawberry. When guava fruits are about to ripe, they usually smell like a musky in a locker room.

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Additionally, you can also get to know when guava ripe by gently pressing the fully-sized guava fruit. And if you feel that the fruit is soft, it is an indication that the fruits are now fully ripe. However, this method is not recommended because it may lead to guava fruit damage after harvesting.

When is Guava Ready to Pick?

when is guava ripe

Guava plants usually start fruiting during its 2-4th year of planting. If conditions are met as guava required, one guava plant can produce fruits from 50-80 pounds in a year.

In some areas with favorable climatic conditions such as Florida, guava plant was found to produce more fruits at least 1 to 2 times in a single year.

Proper fertilizer application and pruning are also important factors that influence fruiting time and fruit production. A guava plant that is properly and timely pruned may produce fruits throughout the year.

A fully-sized and light green to golden yellow guava fruits can be harvested or are ready to be picked. But, know that when you pick immature guava that is not fully ripe, it will be hard for that guava to properly ripe off the parent plant as you wanted it to ripe.

If you want to harvest your guava, make sure that the guava fruits are giving out a pleasant aroma. Another way to know your guava is ready to pick is color changing.

When the fruits change from dark green to light green or golden yellow, that is an indication that your guava is ready to be picked.

It is important to know that guava has no specific time for producing fruits and ripening. Guava can produce fruits whenever the conditions are favorable. The

How To Tell if a Guava is Bad

You can tell the guava fruit is bad by pressing the guava fruit with your fingers and gently squeezing the fruit. If the skin of the guava fruit tears away, rotted away, or collapse so easily, that is an indication that your guava is bad.

You can also know that your guava fruit is bad or spoiled when you sniff the guava fruit and it gives out an unpleasant or rotten odor.

You can also see noticeable rotten areas, ulcers, and moldy spots if the guava is bad. And moreover, if you cut the guava and see a brown or black flesh, that also a strong indication that your guava is spoiled. Find out more information on how to tell if guava is rotten

How to Ripen Guava off the Tree

Guava can be harvested when the fruits are fully-sized and yet to ripe. And then ripen off the parent guava tree.

You can ripen off your guava fruit with paper bag or edible wax.

Place the fruits you want to ripen in a paper bag and sealed. Then, keep the paper bag out of reach of children and allow for 4-5 days. The fruits can ripen within these four days.

When Is Guava Season

Guava has no specific season. This plant can fruit and grow whenever there are favorable climatic conditions and timely pruning.

How to Eat Guava Seeds

Guava seeds can be eaten either alone or in combination with guava fruit pulp and other fruits. You can also ground the seeds and add the powder into a frozen jam, juices, smoothies, or paste. Learn more

Guava Recipes

There are numerous guava recipe ideas and include jams, cake, bread, smoothies, lemonade, juices, and pastes.

Guava Benefits

Guava contains a high amount of vitamins (such as vitamin C) and minerals (such as calcium and potassium). In fact, vitamin C that is present in guava fruit is even more than that of orange.

Guava fruit was found to improve digestion, bowel movement, and control hormonal imbalance. You can learn more about the health benefits of guava here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Guavas Supposed to be Hard?

Guava is not supposed to be hard. The texture or firmness of guava fruit depends on the variety of guava and climatic conditions where that guava is growing.

Some varieties have fruits that ate firm even when they are fully ripe. While some varieties have fruits that are hard when unripe and soft when fully ripe.

What is the Best time to Eat Guava?

The best time to eat guava is in the morning or before workout.

Can you Eat Unripe Guava?

Guava fruit that is unripe was shown to contain more vitamin C and A. However, while eating unripe guava, it is important to watch the number of guava fruits you can take. Make sure you take a moderate number of guava fruits.


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