Guava Varieties: White, Red, Pink, And Yellow

varieties of guava

In this article, I’m going to discuss the different  guava varieties. Guava have many varieties and some of them include Homestead, Tropical white, and Detwitler guavas. All of these guavas differ in taste, color, and texture to one another. To find more varieties of guava and to learn more about their differences and uses, follow along with this article.


Guava plant exists in different forms, taste, and colors. Likewise the fruits they produce. Some fruits are large, while others weigh small to medium. Some are white, while others possess red, pink, purple, or yellow flesh. Some of the fruits are sweet, while others are neither aromatic nor sweet.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of them one after the other with a focus on the taste, color, flower, fruit size, seed number, and aroma.

1. Beaumont Guava

varieties of guava
pink guava
  • This is an evergreen plant
  • The bark that is covering the trunk is smoothed
  • It can reach up to 4.7 to 6m in height
  • The tree is wide spreading
  • The cultivar is obtained from fruits found in Halemanu, Oahu, and Hawaii
  • This tree produces white flowers
  • The plant bears fruit during fall and sometimes in the winter
  • It produces fruits that can weigh up to 8oz in size
  • The fruits are very sweet
  • The fruits have a frgrant aroma
  • The fruits are round
  • The fruits have flesh that  are sometimes pink or red
  • The fruits produce numerous seeds
  • The tree is a heavy producer

Uses Beaumont Guava

  • The fruits are used as an immediate source of energy
  • The sweet pulp is used in the production of juices
  • It is one of the favorite snacking fruits in the Hawaii

2. Lemon Guava Cultivar

different varieties of guava lemon guava
Lemon guava variety (source)
  • This is a shrub woody tree
  • It is an evergreen  plant
  • It is also called cattley guava
  • The fruits produced are small typically of not more than 3-5m in diameter
  • The fruits are rounded in shape
  • The skin of fruits is golden yellow when ripe
  • The pulp is a jelly-like in appearance
  • The fruits have numerous seeds that perforated the jelly-like flesh
  • The seeds can be eaten
  • The pleasant aroma produced by the fruits smell like that of a lime flavor
  • The fruits produced by lemon guava are very sweet with nice flavor

Uses of Lemon Guava

  • The fruits can be eaten raw or processed
  • The fruits are used in the production of jams and jellies
  • The seeds are reach in minerals, which are used in supplementing the required minerals in the body
  • The fruits are high in fiber, which aid bowel movement
  • The fruits are rich in vitamin c, which works effective for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

3. Homestead Guava

  • This is a shrubby perennial plant of not more than 2-4 feet
  • The plant requires full sunlight exposure
  • The flowers are white
  • The plant is a heavy producer of fruits with excellent quality
  • The plant produces a small number of fruits in late spring and a large number of fruits in late summer
  • The fleshy part of the fruits range from pink, yellow to green

Uses of Homestead Guava

  • The bark of the trunk has tanin, which is used in taning
  • The young leaves and fruits are used to treat dysentery and diarrhea
  • The juicy flesh is utilized in production of jams and jellies
  • The fruits are used in  production of beverages

4. Detwiler Guava

  • This is another variety of guava that is evergreen
  • It is also a shrub like other guavas
  • It posses a yellow-fleshed guava
  • It is the only guava cultivar with a unique yellow skin
  • The fruits of Detwiler share both the features of red and white guavas
  • The plant is used as a shelter belt
  • The fruits are also edible
  • Like other guavas, it is also used in the production of beverages
  • The leaves, fruits, and bark are widely used in the treatment of various diseases

5. South African Guava

  • The south African cultivars posses characteristics like that of other guavas
  • The unique feature of some guava varieties is that the cultivars are frost-resistant, where the varieties can tolerate up to -4 degrees Celcius
  • The fruits are oval or round
  • The fruits can reach up to 6-12cm in diameter
  • The skin of most cultivars is rough and edible
  • The skin is green at first and yellow to green or pink to yellow when fully ripe
  • The pulp is either “deep pink”  or “off-white”
  • The seeds that perforated the flesh are hard, small, and numerous

Uses of South African Guava

  • The cultivars are great source of vitamins A, B, and C, which help in the treatment of eye and heart diseases
  • The cultivars are also rich in iron, which help in blood formation
  • The fruits are high in fiber, which ease stomach problems

6. Sweet White Indonesian

guava varies
white Indonesian variety (source)
  • Indonesian white guava is a heavy producing evergreen shrub
  • The fruits produced by Indonesian white guava are large
  • The outer part of the fruit is smooth and rounded in shape
  • The color of the skin is yellowish-green
  • The interior fleshy part is pink and creamy
  • The fruits can grow up to 0.7-1-3 pounds
  • The fruits are aromatic and sweet
  • The trunk is sorrounded by a copper-like color bark that flakes regularly to uncoover shades of pink and green

Uses of White Indonesian Guava

  • The fruits are among the favorite fruits for snacking in Indonesia
  • The fruits  and leaves are utilized in the management of many heart diseases
  • The fruits are used as an immediate source of fiber and energy

7. Tropical White Guava

guava varietied
Tropical white guava
  • It is a tropical dorminant tree of north America
  • The name tropical white guava is gotten from the creamy white flesh
  • The exterior or outer skin is yelowish green
  • The fruits produced by this varieity is one of sweetest of all guavas
  • The fruits are large, which can weigh up to 3 and 4 inches
  • It starts bearing fruits at one year old
  • The plant is a heavy producing tree
  • The fruits have sweet taste and flavor
  • It is the variety with the strong aroma

Uses of White Tropical Guava

  • The plant can serve all the purposes  that other guavas can serve
  • Because of its strong flavor and sweet, tropical white guava is widely used in the production of flavoring agents
  • The plant is utilized in various homes to complement bad odor and  to counter the greenhouse effect

8. White Arabian Guava

guavaa varietie4s
white arabian guava cultivar
  • This is a white variety of guava that is mostly cultivated in many Arabian countries
  • White Arabian guava is a very big tree which is up to 15 feet tall
  • The trunk posses a very wide circumference
  • The branch is wide spreading
  • The cultivar is rare
  • It is a cultivar with medium fruits bearing
  • The fruits range from small to medium in size
  • Unlike other white cultivars, this variety is differentiated with a white medium spherical shape
  • The fruits are extremely sweet with excellent aroma
  • The fruits have soft skin and flesh
  • The seeds are many

Uses Of White Arabian Guava

  • It is used as ornamental tree
  • It is used to ptepare juice
  • It is a favorite edible hedge in most arabian countries

9. Ruby Red Guava

  • This is 5 feet bushy shrub
  • It is an evergreen tree
  • The plant grow  well in tropical and subtropical
  • It is a heavy producer
  • The plant produces small to medium fruits
  • The fruits are slightly sweet
  • The fruits have soft and red pulp
  • The seeds are also soft

Uses of Ruby Red Guava

  • The fruits are utilized in juicing
  • The plant is used in snacking
  • The plant is used for fencing
  • The fruits can be eaten fresh or processed

10. White Indian Variety

guava varieties
White Indian guava variety
  • This is another shrub cultivar of guava that is grown in Calofonia
  • It is an evergreen and widely cultivated in India
  • The variety is called white Indian
  • The plant bear fruits during the late winter and early spring
  • The fruits posses tropical aroma that smell similar to pinapple and banana
  • The taste of fruits range from slightly sour to sweet
  • The seeds are very hard

Uses  of White Indian Variety

  • Fruits are utilized in the production of beverages
  • The leaves and bark are used to treat various diseases
  • The plant is used for planting
  • The fruits are used as immediate source of energy

11. Mexican Cream Cultivar

varieties of guava
mexican cream variety
  • Evergreen shrub
  • Produces fruits of up to  5cm size
  • Fruits with skin that is pale yellow with a red blush
  • Posses pulp that is creamy white
  • Fruits have thick pulp and fragrant aroma
  • Seeds are soft, small, and edible
  • Have pineapple and passion fruits aroma
  • Fruits are sweet

Uses of  Mexican Cream

  • Fruits are used for making beverages and smoothies
  • The plant is used for beautification and fencing
  • Fruits are edible either raw or processed

12. Chinese White Cultivar

  • Posses very big fruits
  • Fruits are golden yellow in color
  • Pulp is white
  • Posseses fragrant smell
  • Plant is a heavy producer
  • Fruits tastes sweet

Uses of Chinese guava

  • Plant is used for fencing and for ornamental purpose
  • Fruits are edible
  • Plant is utilized for the treatment of cold

13. Red Malaysian Cultivar

  • Well known as Maroon guava
  • Bushy small tree of not more than 2-3m tall
  • Flowers are pink to purple in color
  • Leaves are ovate
  • Fruits are spherical
  • Weight of fruits can reach up to 5oz
  • Skin ranges from pink to brown
  • Pulp is magenta in color
  • Taste ranges from acidic to sweet
  • Seeds are dotted and edible

Uses of  Red Malaysian Cultivar

  • Fruits are used in snacking
  • Used in fencing and for ornamental purpose
  • Edible both fresh and cooked
  • Fruits are also utilized in juicing and other beverages

14. Red Indian Guava

  • Originated from florida
  • Posses medium to large fruits
  • Fruits have excellent aroma
  • Skin color is yellow to  pink blush
  • Fruits have red pulp
  • Pulp is sweet and has nice flavor
  • Seeds are very smal

Uses of Red Indian Guava

  • Both leaves and bark are used in the treatment of many illment
  • It is utilized as ornamental  plant
  • Fruits can be eaten fresh or processed

15. Hong Kong Pink Cultivar

  • Fruits can weigh up to 6 or 8oz
  • The plant posses round fruits
  • Posses smooth flesh
  • The pulp is pinkish in color
  • Skin may appear green or yellow
  • Fruits posses nice flavor
  • Fruits are with fragrant aroma

Uses of Hong Kong Pink Cultivar

  • Plant is used for fencing and beautification
  • Fruits can be eaten fresh or processed
  • Fruits are utilized for making juice and in making other drinks


We hope this guide helps in giving you a solid understanding of guava varieties. We would like to hear your own view in the comment section below.

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