What Does Guava Taste Like?: Find Out Here

What Does Guava Taste Like

If you have never got the possibility to taste the taste of the most nutritious guava fruit, then you may be wondering “what does guava taste like?”. To find out, follow along with this helpful handy guide.


The taste of guava is unique and differs from one variety of guava to another. However, some people sometimes describe guava taste as a hybrid.

Some people said that guava fruit taste lies between the taste of pineapple and passion fruit. While other people described guava taste as a hybrid between pears and lemon.

The reason for the above misconceptions may be attributed to the fact that guava possesses different varieties and types.

And most of these varieties and types of guava have their own unique taste, color, and form. Some varieties share features with other fruits while others retain the musky, earthy, and tropical sweet taste of the common guava.

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In this post, we are going to look at some of them one after the other:

Homestead guava: homestead guava is one of the widely cultivated varieties of guava. The fruits have usually red to pink flesh.

The fruits are very sweet and possess fragrant aroma.

Hong Kong pink: this is a variety of guava that possesses pink flesh. Hong Kong’s pink taste is very sweet and very juicy with a pleasant aroma.

Red Indian guava: red Indian guava has red pulp and the variety produces more fruits that are sweet and juicy.

White Arabian guava: this is another variety of guava that is sweet and delicious. The aroma is very pleasant and sweety.

Lemon guava: this is of the variety of guava that shares some features with that of lemon and strawberry. The fruits may be sweet to slightly acidic.

Pineapple guava: pineapple guava is also one of the common types of guava that is widely cultivated in tropical regions.

The taste of this variety of guava smells like that of pineapple and pears.

Tropical guava: this is one of the known guavas that most guavas were developed from. The taste of this guava ranges from sweet, slightly acidic, to tart.

Red Indian guava: this variety of guava possess red juicy flesh. The tree of this guava is a heavy producer of fruits and the fruits are very sweet. The aroma possessed by this type of guava is very pleasant.

White Indian guava: this variety of guava possesses fruits that have a mild aroma. The taste may be tart or slightly acidic.

Mexican cream guava: Mexican cream guava has yellow inner flesh with a taste that ranges from mildly sweet to slightly acidic.

Mexican White guava: this variety of guava has firm and white inner flesh. The taste of this guava range from very sweet to mildly acidic. The fruits are also very delicious.

Ruby Red guava: Ruby red guava fruits are very delicious and sweet. The fruits have fragrant aroma with pink to red inner flesh.

Malaysian Red guava: Red Malaysian guava fruit tastes also sweet. The aroma is also woody and earthy.

The taste of guava fruits sometimes may be affected by other factors such as climates where the guava is growing and the method of propagation.

Keep reading to find more facts and tips about guava.

What does Guava Look Like?

What does guava taste like
What does guava taste like

The fruits of guava may range in shape from round to oval. Basically, guava fruits are round, which are about 1-5cm in diameter.

They have green outer skin when they are young or unripe. When they become fully ripe, they may change color from yellow, orange, to red.

Examples include lemon guava, Strawberry guava, and tropical guava.

However, some guavas do retain their green color even when they are fully ripe and matured. Examples include pineapple guava and tropical guava.

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What does Guava Smell Like?

What does guava taste like
What does guava taste like

Guava smells tropical with a distinctive fruity and sweet smell.
The flavor of ripe guava fruit smells similar to that of strawberry, pears, lemon, grapefruit, and pineapple.

The unripe fruits of guava usually smell like the musk of zoos and locker rooms.

The aroma may differ from one variety of guava to another. Some of the varieties are very fragrant while others are slightly aromatic.

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What does Guava Tea Taste Like?

Basically, the taste of guava leaf depends upon the number of secondary metabolites such as flavonoids and terpenoids that are extracted from the leaves.

Guava leaf tea that contains a reasonable amount of flavonoids may be bitter with off-odor. While tea containing a high amount of terpenoids may be slightly sour with citrusy, earthy, and piney scent.

The method of extraction you employed plays a major role in determining the taste of your guava leaf tea.

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Guava Recipe Ideas

Guava fruits can be incorporated into various recipes such as smoothies, pastes, jams, jellies, lemonade, juices, cake, desserts, and bread.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Guava Supposed to Taste Like?

Basically, the taste and flavor of guava are unique and different from the taste of other fruits. Despite some people are thinking guava taste is a hybrid between the taste of pears and strawberry but in reality, it is not. Guava taste is more like musky when young or unripe and earthy-sweet when fully ripe.

Is Guava Sweet or Sour?

Guava can be sweet and also sour. That solely depends on the variety of guava you are consuming.

Some varieties of guava are very sweet and juicy while others are slightly acidic or sour.

How Do You Eat a Guava?

You need to first wash the guava with clean water. After washing, place the guava fruit on the cutting board and slice into two halves or slices as per your wish. You can consume both the flesh and seeds or enjoy only the flesh and scoop out the seeds.

Do you Eat the Seeds of a Guava?

Yeah, you can eat the seeds of guava. However, there are wild species of guava that contain poisonous seeds. And therefore it is important to be extracted carefully while consuming wild guavas.

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Can you Eat Skin of Guava?

Yeah, you can eat the skin of guava. But, make sure you always rinse the guava skin before you eat. This helps prevent you from the effects of bacteria, fungi, and other germs.

What is the Best Toasting Guava?

This depends on the individual. Some people may prefer one guava over the other. The known guavas found to be most delicious include White Mexican guava and White Arabian guava. And some people prefer strawberry guava or pineapple guava.


We hope this guide answer your questions “What Does Guava Taste Like?”. We would love to hear more of your questions and views. So, do write to us in the comment section below.

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