When to take guava leaves for fertility? Find Out Here

When to take guava leaves for fertility

When to take guava leaves for fertility? The short answer to this question is that it depends on your health condition and what you prefer to take at different times of the day. Cultural differences also play a major role. However, despite all these, a guava leaf tea is preferred to be consumed warm either in the morning, immediately after a meal, or before bed.

Read on for a detailed step by step guide.

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Does Guava Leaves help you Conceive?

The most important thing next to the water and the cheapest beverages is tea. Consuming beverage tea has been considered for years as a health-promoting habit. And the recent modern medical studies are providing a realistic and scientific basis for this long belief.

The scientific evidence supporting the health benefits of drinking teas always grows stronger and stronger with every new study that is published in the scientific literature.

Guava leaves are leaves, which can be obtained from the guava plant (Psidium guajava). Guava is cultivated for thousands of years and its leaves have been utilized for different medical purposes.

Guava leaf tea is used as a popular medical beverage because of some common useful active ingredients in the leaves.

Several modern scientific studies have shown that guava leaves contain active ingredients that help inhibit the growth of cancerous cells and also lower inflammation. It was also shown that guava leaves can improve blood flow to the uterus and increase sperm quality such as sperm count and viability.

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A combination of guava leaves and green tea was also shown to work effectively in dissolving fibroids. Learn more about the health benefits of guava leaves for fibroids.

Both low blood flow to the uterus and fibroids are the main causes of anovulation among women, which make them unable to conceive.

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How to prepare Guava Leaves for Fertility

Using the guava leaves for fertility is very simple, just find 10-15 fresh guava leaves and wash them thoroughly with clean water. Put these leaves after washing into a clean boiling pot and add 1 liter of water. Put the boiling pot on the fire and boil for about 15 minutes. Remove the pot from heat after 15 minutes.

Allow the tea to cool down to room temperature. Then, strain the tea into a separate clean container with a lid. Cover the tea and keep it out of reach of children.

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When to take Guava Leaves for Fertility?

As I started explaining, this depends on your health condition and cultural background. But, basically, you can drink guava leaves tea at any time of the day. However, taking the guava leaves tea in the morning, after a meal, or before bed is the most preferred.

This is because in the morning, taking guava leaves tea will help open your stomach and flush out any dust particles and other impurities out of the body. It also helps increase blood flow and relaxes your body.

And this improves how your stomach will accommodate what you are going to take for breakfast, which helps you prevent indigestion while managing your infertility problem.

And taking guava leaves after a meal can help improve digestion while helping you achieve a fertile life. Guava leaves can also improve the quality of sleep and bring peace of mind. And so taking the guava leaf tea before bed can help improve your sleep even if you are having a sleep disorder.

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What you need to Know about Guava Leaves

1. Do not take hot guava leaf tea. It is recommended that you take cool or warm guava leaf tea. This is because taking a very hot guava leaf tea may make you to constipate.

2. Additionally, it is recommended that you should take guava leaf tea as you are advised. Taking too much guava leaf tea can cause constipation.

3. If you are suffering from eczema, do not apply guava leaf tea topically on your body. It can cause or make your skin to irritate or burn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can guava help you conceive?

Guava leaves were shown to contain folate and other important vitamins such as vitamin C, which are known to solve heart problems and increase blood circulation around the uterus.

This folate, which can be found in guava leaves was shown to improve the chance of a woman to conceive. You can learn more in your guide to the health benefits of guava for ovulation.

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Can pregnant women drink guava leaves tea?

Guava leaves are generally considered safe. However, as for most herbs, women are usually advised to stay away from using guava leaves. 

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Can guava leaves cause miscarriage?

To date, no single scientific study that revealed guava leaves will cause miscarriage. In fact, some Medical experts recommend pregnant women to take guava fruits. However, the leaves of guava should be avoided during pregnancy. This is because the effects and mechanism of guava leave action are not well studied during pregnancy.

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Taking the guava leaves tea as recommended and also taking it at the right time is key to driving the maximum benefits from guava leaves. In this article, I look at how to prepare guava leaf tea for fertility and the right time to take the guava leaf tea. I hope you will find the article helpful. I would like to you from you. So, do write to me in the comments section below.