What Does Guava Smell Like?: Find Out Here

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Wondering what does guava smells like? Keep reading to discover facts and tips about the Botany, nutritional value, smell, and Color of guava.

Guava is a tropical tree that is not more than 15-20m in height.

The plant is said to have originated from Mexico and Central America. But, the tree is now grown everywhere in the tropical and subtropical countries.

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Guava is classified as one of the nutritious fruits that contain a high amount of valuable nutrients required by the body.

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Looking at the health benefits of guava, the fruits and leaves of guava are both recognized traditionally and presently as immediate medicine for the treatment of typhoid, stomach problems, cold, and diabetes.

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What Does Guava Smell Like?

what does guava smell like? your guide to smelling of guava
what does guava smells like? your guide to smelling of guava

The guava fruit is one of the many fruits with numerous cultivars and species. And therefore the smell will differ from a variety of guava to another.

Basically, the common guava smells earthy and tropics which is accompanied by the musky and floral aroma.

Some varieties like pineapple guava smell like pineapple and pears. Strawberry guava smells similar to that of strawberry. However, the smell can best be described as a hybrid between tropical guava and strawberry.

There is also another variety of guava that is called lemon guava. This variety of guava smells like lemon fruits.

In general, guava smell or aroma can be described as fruity, floral, earthy, herbaceous, and sweet flavor. The young fruits usually smell like musky in locker rooms.

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What does guava smell depends on the type of guava variety? Some varieties of guava are developed to smell with a strong pleasant aroma. While other varieties were developed with aroma and sweet in mind.

In all cases, we provide useful information in this article that can help you identify the smell of guava.

We hope that the guide gives you useful information in understanding the aroma and flavor of guava.

We would love to hear your questions and views about this guide. So, do write to us in the comment section below.

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