What Does Guava Look Like?: Find Out Here

What Does Guava look Like

Maybe you are presented with different fruits that look like guava and you are confused and wondering “what does guava look like?”.

Or maybe you are told by a friend or relative about the benefits one can derive from this fruit. Then, you decide to enjoy the benefits too.

Whatever may be the reason, knowing the types and varieties of guava is very important to understanding and selecting a better cultivar.

In this guide, we are going to take you through to the basic structure and forms of guava fruits.


Basically, guava fruit belongs to a woody tropical shrub, which is believed to be a native of Mexico and Central America.

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The fruit is packed with many nutrients that include minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

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The fruits and leaves of guava are among the plant products noticed with numerous health benefits.

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The Shape, Size, And Color Of Guava Fruit

What Does Guava look Like
What Does Guava look Like

Guava is a small tree of not more than 15 or 20m. It is an evergreen plant with a trunk that is covered by flaky bark. The bark ranges in color from brown to grey. The leaves may be hairy and dull on the underside of the leaves. The leaf margin is entire.

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The fruits are round or oval. And the size can range from 1-3cm in diameter. The outer skin of the fruit is greenish when not fully ripe and later turn to yellow, orange, red, or retain the green color.

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In this article guide, we looked at some of your frequent asked questions about the morphology of guava which include “what does guava look like”.

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