Psidium Friedrichsthalianum: The Detailed Guide To Description And Uses

Psidium Friedrichsthalianum

In this guide, I am going to focus on providing you information about the description and uses of  Psidium friedrichsthaliamu.


Psidium friedrichsthalianum is one of the species of guava that is widely distributed in Costa Rica and some parts of Guatemala, Nicaragua, and other Central American countries. It was introduced into California and Psidium friedrichsthalianum grows successfully. The plant was first described by Otto Karl Berg, in 1893.

Psidium friedrichsthalianum is commonly called Cas or sour guava.

General Description

Psidium Friedrichsthalianum
Psidium Friedrichsthalianum
  • The tree is an evergreen plant
  • It is a medium size woody shrub that is between 10-15m tall
  • Psidium friedrichsthalianum possesses a flaky bark that ranges from brown to grey in color
  • It is a wide spreading plant
  • Leaves are simple and oppositely arranged
  • The leaf margin is entire
  • Flowers have white petals and green sepals that usually appear in 4s and 5s
  • Stamens are many with one style that held a stigma
  • Fruits are round
  • Fruits are medium in size
  • The fruits range in color from green to yellow
  • The pulp is yellow and is perforated by large seeds
  • The fruits have a sour taste or slighly acidic

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Economic Importance

  • It is used as ornamental plant and in shelter belt
  • The fruits can be used in the making of jellies, jams, and smoothies
  • It is a common additive in Costa Rican acidic fruit drink, which is known as Fresco de cas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guava a Sour Fruit?

The fruits of guava have different tastes. Some fruits are sour. And some are slightly sour or acidic. While others are very sweet and aromatic.

Those with sour taste include wild guava and Cas. The slightly sour guavas include lemon guava. While the sweet guava includes white Arabian guava and Ruby supreme guava.

Why are My Guava Bitter?

There are several reasons that can make your guava to be sour. One such reason includes insufficient water and extreme hot or cold temperature. Other reasons may include the secretion of certain chemicals due to stress and oversecretion of vitamin C due to hormonal imbalance.

Which Vitamin is Present in Guava?

Guava is enriched with many vitamins, which include vitamin B complexes, vitamins A, and C.

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