Pineapple Guava Growth Rate: Is Feijoa Fast-Growing Or Not?

pineapple guava growth rate

In this article, we are going to focus on providing you information about the pineapple guava growth rate.


Pineapple guava is a shrub of not more than 10-20m. It is an evergreen tree that produces numerous fruits.

When grown from seeds, pineapple guava can take 3-4 years before it starts to produce fruits. However, this totally depends on where the pineapple guava is growing. Pineapple guava growth is largely influenced by climatic conditions, Soil type, and PH, and the care it receives.

 Pineapple guava that is growing in a humid climate and sandy loam soil was found to grow better than feijoa that is growing in cold climate and sandy or clay oil.

The best place where pineapple guava was found to averagely grow well is the U.S Department of Agriculture zone 8 through 10. The growth rate of pineapple guava there is around 24 inches per year.

Flowers can blossom all year round if there are good climatic conditions and timely pruning. But, on average feijoa can flower one to two times in a year.

The small flowers of pineapple guava usually blossom in the spring. The flowers are white and about 1 inch wide. The fleshy white petals with small patches of purple can be seen surrounding numerous bright red stamens. The petals are favorite recipe ingredients such as salad dressings, jams, and jellies in many tropical Americas. The sepals are green. Both the sepals and petals are in fours or fives but the stamens are many.

After flowering, usually about 4 to 5  months in humid areas and 5 to 6 months inc cooler areas, round or oval fruits starts changing color from dark green to light green or yellowish-green. That is a major sign of guava fruit ripening.

The Oval-shaped and yellowish-green fruits also produce a strong fragrant aroma that smell like that of strawberry, lemon, cherry, and passion fruit. The fruits of pineapple guava can grow up to 1 to 4 inches in diameter. The fruits usually fall on their own when fully ripe.

The best method for harvesting pineapple guava is to spread the net under the tree and collect them after shaking. This way any fruit that is ripe can be collected easily unlike when you are picking the fruits manually with hand.

You can repeat the above method every few days until when you harvested all the fruits. Some farmers prefer to pick the fruits with hands, however, that is ineffective and can result in many wastes of fruits.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Pineapple Guava Fast Growing?

Pineapple guava can be described as a fast-growing plant. However, there are various factors that influence the growth of guava.

And these factors include PH level, soil type, rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, and pressure. Pineapple guava loves warm, well ventilated, and well-drained soil.

And therefore, when you provide these conditions to pineapple guava, then you should expect to see pineapple guava growing fast.

Moreover, the method from which pineapple guava is grown also influence how fast it can grow. Pineapple guava that is grown from cuttings, graftings and air layering will grow faster than guava grown from seeds.

How Tall Does Pineapple Guava Grow?

The pineapple guava tree is just like any other guava plant, which can be grown at any time of the year. Pineapple guava grows up to a height of 3-15 meters to form a dense and rounded bush.

How Long does it Take for Guava to Fruit?

Pineapple Guava Growth Rate

Guava can flower and produce fruits all year round under good conditions. Guavas can take up to 6 months on average before flowering and fruiting.

Can I Grow Pineapple Guava in Pots?

Pineapple guava can be grown in pots as a hedge. When you grow pineapple guava in pots, you have an added advantage to move your guava tree from extremely hot weather or cold conditions to a sheltered place.


Guava is of different varieties and these varieties differ from one variety to another in one way or the other.

Most if not all varieiteis of guava have specific growing habits and growth. Pineapple guava is one of the many types or varieties of guava that shows these kinds of differences.

In this guide, we looked at the growing habit, soil requirement, and growth rate of pineapple guava. We hope that the guide will be of excellent help for you in understanding how fast and when pineapple guava grows. We would like to hear more of your views and questions in the comment box below.

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