How To Remove Guava Seeds Without Mess Up

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You eat a guava and only found that your mouth is full of many seeds. some varieties of guava contain such many and hard seeds. They possess numerous seeds which can make it difficult for you to enjoy your fruit. In this article, I’m going to show you how to remove guava seeds efficiently and without messing up.


Guava fruits have different varieties and each variety possesses its own unique characteristics. Some varieties possess fruits that are juicy, fleshy, and soft and small in size.

While others possess fruits with flesh that are perforated with large and numerous hard seeds. If you happen to come across these varieties of guava that have large and numerous hard seeds, the only option to enjoy these fruits is to deseed out the seeds from the flesh.

Here are effective ways to safely and efficiently remove guava seeds without messing up:

The first step is to wash the guava after you obtain it from the garden or store. Then place the fruit on the cutting board or any clean plate of your choice.

Use your favorite knife to slice the fruit into 4 slices. Then, scoop out the seeds using your knife or spoon.

You can alternatively slice the guava fruit into two halves and then use your spoon to scoop out the seeds.

How to Eat Guava Seeeds

Guava seeds have a distinct flavor and therefore someone has to find ways to cover up the taste. You can chew the seeds alongside the guava flesh. This can help cover up slightly the bitter taste. You can alternatively blend the seeds into jams, smoothies, and juices.

Why are Guava  Seeds So Hard?

The main reasons why guava seeds are hard are genetics and environmental factors. The environmental factors include low and high temperature, rainfall, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

These factors are the ones responsible for the control of hormones and the secretion of chemicals in the plant systems.

So, a guava fruit that is cultivated in a drought or area with low rainfall may have seeds that are hard. The hardness of seeds is one of the adaptation in order to prevent water loss and germination.

Does Guava Cause Appendix?

Guava seeds can be digested in the stomach. However, eating excess guava seeds without chewing can accumulate in the intestine and may cause the appendix.

Guava Seeds Powder

If you cannot chew the seeds, you can turn them into powder. This can be done by drying the seeds. Then, ground them into powder using a mortar and pestle.

Note: seeds may be changing when taken in excess. This is due to the fact that there are some chemicals in seeds and when they accumulate can cause damage and pollute the environment.

Guava Seeds Cyanide

The cyanide in cultivated species of guava seeds is quite negligible. However, in wild species of guava seeds are high in cyanide.

In each case, do not over consume guava seeds and always stay within the healthy limit.

Guava seeds Good or Bad

Guava seeds are very nutritious that contain many antioxidants and minerals. However, taking too much guava seeds is not recommended.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to eat guava seeds?

It is safe to consume guava seeds. In fact, guava seeds can help add more minerals, soluble fibers, and antioxidants that can be obtained from the guava pulp.

How do you get seeds from Guava?

To get seeds from guava fruit, cut the fruit into two halves and then use your spoon to scoop out the seeds. Wash them with water and dry.

Why are Guava Seeds so Hard?

The factors responsible for the hardness of guava seeds are genetics and climatic conditions.

What can you do with Guava Seeds?

You can enjoy guava seeds by eating together with guava pulp. Alternatively, you can ground them into a powder and then add into an ice-cream and fruit salads. Guava seeds can also be blended into various guava recipes such as smoothies, jams, and juices.

How to remove guava seeds from teeth?

The best way to remove guava seeds from your teeth is to visit a dentist. However, if the guava seeds do not go deep into the teeth, you can use a toothpick to remove the seeds. A word of warning to safe your health, do not put force. If it didn’t work with the toothpick, just visit the dentist.


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