How To Grow Guava Tree From Cutting (Step-by-Step)

guava cutting


In botany, plant propagation can be described as a method where plants are grown from a different  variety of ways such as seeds, tissue culture, air layering, grafting, and cuttings.

In this guide, we are going to look at how to grow guava tree from cuttings.

Why Growing Guava from Cuttings is Important?

Guava plant is one of few plants, which when propagated from seeds, the resulting embryo or seedlings do not inherit most of the important characteristics of the parent guava plant such as sweetness, fruit size, and aroma.

However, the guava plant that is propagated from cuttings usually does not lose their important characteristics and normally grows quicker than guava that is grown from seeds.

For the sake of this article, you are going to be taken to the two easy methods for growing guava from cuttings.

Method #1 for propagating guava from cuttings


  • Rooting hormones
  • 2 suckers
  • Potting mix
  • 4 Bamboo sticks
  • Transparent plastic container

The propagation of guava through this method involves cutting 2 suckers from parent guava tree that is about 4 inches or 10cm in height. The suckers should be young such that they are flexible and free from breaking when bent.

Strip the suckers without the leaves. Then, put the bottom of the suckers in a rooting hormone for about an hour.

After one hour, put out the suckers and place them in a potting mix and water slowly. Then, cover the potting medium with a clear transparent plastic wrap to cover the upper surface of the potting mix. This will prevent air from getting access to the inner part of the potting mix or medium.

In order to prevent the plastic wrap from touching the surface of leaves, it is recommended to use 4 bamboo sticks to hold the edges of the plastic wrap above the surface of the leaves.

It is recommended to place your propagating potting mix under the sun or outdoor where the temperature is at least between the range of 75 and 85 Fahrenheit (24 to 29 degrees Celcius).

Keep an eye on any growth changes during the 14 to 25 days of cuttings. At this time, the cuttings are expected to have started rooting.

When they start rooting, uncover the plastic wrap during this period, and keep the propagating medium by watering slightly with water. Then, transfer the growings plants to a good and big container. It is recommended to place this new container in a warm room.

Finally, plant the young growing plants when they are matured enough to survive on their own.

Method #2 for growing guava tree from cuttings


  • Rooting hormone
  • Cocopit 50%
  • Normal soil 50%
  • Humus
  • Water
  • One irish potato
  • One black nursery nylon back
  • One transparent nylon back
Cocopeat peat2

To grow guava plant using this method, add 50% cocopeat and humus to the black nursery nylon bag containing 50% normal soil. Moisten the nursery nylon mix slightly with water.

Cut 15cm (6 inches) softwood flexible from parent guava that you want to propagate. Make sure the cutting is pliable and will not break when bent.

Remove the leaves from the cuttings and place the bottom of the cutting into a rooting hormone that is prepared with water. Allow the bottom of the cutting to stay in the rooting hormone for one hour.

While waiting for it to stay for this time, make a hole that can allow the bottom of the cutting to be inserted into the Irish potato.

After one hour, remove the cutting from the rooting hormone and insert the bottom of the cutting into the hole that you created initially on the Irish potato.

Then, place the Irish potato into a nursery nylon mix. Water gently and cover with a white transparent nylon bag to prevent air from getting access into the medium.

Place the black nursery nylon mix in a warm room or under the sun. Leave it to stay for 25 days.

At the end of 25 days, if everything works correctly, the cutting is expected to start rooting and leafing. Then, at this time, you need to uncover the young plant and water it slightly. When you observe that the young plant is grown enough to survive on its own, you can then transfer it to your garden and plant.

watch the video below to see this method in action.

How to grow a guava tree fast from cutting using potato

Frequently asked questions on how to propagate guava plant from cuttings

Is guava a taproot?

Guava is not a taproot. Guava plant posses a shallow root system.

How do I make my own rooting hormone?

  • Boil 2 cups of water on heat
  • Add one tablespoon of organic honey
  • Mix the solution properly togather and allow the solution cool down to room temperature
  • When the solution cool down, place the bottom of your cuttings in the honey mixture and contue with the propagating process.

How deep are guava tree roots?

Guava plants can root in almost every type of soil. Guava is commonly propagated from cuttings, and the roots do not go deeper than 18 inches


We hope this guide gives you an understanding of how to grow a guava tree from cuttings. Do write to us with your opinion in the comment section below.


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