How To Eat Mexican Guava Without Messing Up

How to Eat mexican Guava (2)

In this guide, we are going to focus on providing you information on how to eat Mexican guava without messing up.


Mexican guava is one of the delicious guava blessed with many nutrients including vitamins, minerals, soluble fibers, amino acids, and dietary water.

Guava is quite juicy, fleshy, sweety, and has a strong and pleasant aroma. The fruits can be eaten raw right from the tree or processed into smoothies, jams, and jellies.

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Keep reading to learn how to eat Mexican guava.

The followings are steps you need to take before eating Mexican guava:

  • Washing the mexican guava
  • Cutting the mexican guava
  • Storing the excess mexican guava

Washing the  Mexican Guava

how to eat mexican guava
an image showing a washed mexican guava

You need to clean your guava with clean water so that will make the guava free from bacteria, fungi, dust, and other germs.

Cutting the Mexican Guava

how to eat mexican guava
A picture of a mexican guava showing how fruit is cut

Place the guava fruit on a clean plate or cutting board. Remove both ends of the guava fruits using your knife. Then, cut the Mexican guava fruit into two halves or slice the guava into slices.

how to eat mexican guava
a picutre of a mexican guava showing the fruit can be sliced

Now, your guava is ready to be consumed.

If you like, you can scoop out the seeds from the guava flesh and eat only the flesh. The reason behind cutting guava fruit is to prevent eating the guava fruit with worms.

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Frequrntly Asked Questions

Do you Eat the Seeds of Guava?

You can eat the seeds of guava if you so wish. But, some people prefer to eat only the flesh. Moreover, the seeds of wild guava species are not edible. This is because the young fruits contain seeds that may be poisonous.

What is Mexican Guava?

Mexican guava is up to two varieties (white and cream Mexican guava). The Mexican cream guava possesses delicious yellow juicy flesh while the white Mexican variety possesses fruit that is firm. Juicy, sweet, and white.

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When should we Eat Guava Fruit?

The best time to eat guava is usually before and after a workout or snacking the fruits between two meals.

Which Guava is Best?

The best-known guava is a tropical guava. However, some people prefer strawberry guava. Find more information about guava here and here

What does Mexican Guava Taste Like?

The Mexican guava is one of the delicious guavas. The fruits have creamy white skin and a yellow to red inner pulp. The fruits of Mexican guava are very sweet with strong fragrant aroma.


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