How To Eat Guava Fruit Efficiently (With Pictures)

How to Eat Guava (1)

In this article, you are going to learn how to eat guava fruits safely and efficiently.

Short answer: if I want to eat guava, in order to avoid mess up I use a clean knife to cut the guava fruit into two halves. Then, I will use a spoon and scoop out the seeds. Then, I will further cut the guava into slices. While the seeds I will discard them. However, some store the guava seeds and prepare smoothies or mix them with syrup. You can learn how to use guava seeds in different recipes here.

For details about how to eat guava, read on.


Guava fruit is one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet. According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, one common raw guava contains all the essential amino acids, 417mg of potassium, 40mg of phosphorus, 228.3mg of vitamin C, and 5.4g of soluble dietary fiber.

The vitamin C content of guava is far more than the vitamin C in oranges. And this makes guava one of the healthiest fruits to be added into various recipes such as paste, juices, jams, and smoothies.

Most varieties of guava fruits have soft to medium-hard flesh with numerous seeds that perforated the flesh.

Find out more information about guava varieties

The seeds are edible and nutritious. However, some people prefer to scoop out the seeds and eat only the flesh.

How to Eat Guava Fruit

There are some steps to be followed if you want to eat guava safely. This is because you may buy or pick guava from your garden and eat right away without washing, and you may not know that you eat with bacteria, fungi, or some other germs.

Moreover, guava fruits may sometimes be affected by worms. And so when you eat without taking measures, you can eat the guava fruits together with worms.

And not all worms are good for the body as you may think of. Some worms are very poisonous.

Here is step by step guide on how to eat guava safely and efficiently:

  • Buying the guava
  • Washing the guava
  • Cutting the guava
  • Storing the remaining guava
  • Precaution

Buying the Guava

Before you buy the guava, make sure that the guava is not rotten. Buy only good and fresh guava. You can differentiate rotten guava from good guava by gently pressing the guava with your fingertips. Guava that is too soft indicates that it is starting to damage or rotten.

And if you want to take like two days before you eat the guava, make sure you choose unripe and fully-sized guava. This helps you store your guava without damage.

Washing the Guava

how to eat guava
how to eat guava

Wash your guava fruits with clean water before use. That can help wash or clean all bacteria, fungi, and any other germs that bind to the skin of the fruits.

Cutting the Guava

how to eat guava
an image of guava fruit showing how to cut the two ends of guava fruit

Place the guava on a cutting board after washing. Use your knife to remove the style of the guava fruits or the two ends of the fruit.

Then, cut the fruit into two halves or slice it into slices. Your guava fruit is now ready for eating.

how to eat guava
An image of guava fruit showing how to cut the fruit into two halves

While some people prefer to scoop out the seeds, it is also important to know that they are also good for the body as they contain tannins and other antioxidants.

how to eat guava
an image of guava fruit showing sliced fruit with seeds removed


  • Do not take fruit that contain worms
  • Do not eat wild guava seeds because they be poinous learn more about wild guava
  • Always wash the guava fruits before eating
  • Do not take too much guava typically more than 10 fruits. There is not about taking guava to your satisfaction but some people reported bloating and constipation from doing that

Other Ways to Eat Guava

The fruit of guava can be eaten fresh, cooked, or combine into smoothies, jams, and jellies. For instance, in countries like Thailand and Taiwan, guava fruit is harvested while still under-ripe. The harvested fruits are then sliced and dip into plum powder and consume as a condiment.

The rich pulpy part of guava fruit is usually blended into juice and beverages. The pulp is also a good ingredient in popular recipes such as smoothies, paste, and bread.

In some countries, the flesh of guava is usually shredded and combined with lettuce, after which the combo is dressed in line juice, fish sauce, sugar, dried shrimp, onion, coriander, and mint.

Guava Recipe Ideas

  • Cake
  • Lemonade
  • Marinade
  • Juice
  • Smoothies
  • Desserts
  • Bread

Guava Benefits

The benefits of guava are many and guavas do not only provide energy but also help in the management of body problems including treatment of low blood cells and heart problems.

Find more information about the health benefits of guava here.

Guava fruits can also help in weight loss management. Here is how to eat guava for weight loss: remove the skin from the fruit. You also need to scoop out the seeds from the guava flesh. The reason for removing for guava fruit skin and seeds is that both the seeds and skin contain a high amount of sugar, and this may increase your body sugar levels, which is also bad for weight loss management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do You Prepare Guava to Eat?

If you want to prepare guava for eating, wash the whole fruit with water and cut it into slices or halves. Your guava is now reading for consumption.

What does Guava fruit Taste Like?

The fruit of guava tastes like a hybrid between strawberry and pears. You can learn more about guava taste here.

What is the Best Time to eat Guava?

Guava is a fruit and so so can be best eaten in the morning as a snack between meals, and before a workout.

Can we Eat Guava at Night?

Yes, you can eat guava at night especially if you have food cravings. But, make sure do not fall asleep immediately after eating the guava. Learn more about eating guava at night

Who should not Eat Guava?

Everyone is free to take guava. However, patients who about to undergo surgery should not take guava fruits. Moreover, even after surgery, you are not allowed to consume guava until after 2 weeks or more.

People with diabetes should also not take the skin or rind of guava fruit as the skin may increase blood sugar levels.

Can we Drink water after eating Guava?

That is what is recommended for taking water after eating guava. But, also it is good practice to wait for about 30 minutes before drinking water when you eat fruits.

What Happens if you eat Guava every day?

There is nothing when you take guava fruit daily. But, make sure you are not taking the guava fruits in excess typically not more than 5-10 fruits per day.


If you want to eat a guava, just simply rinse the guava fruit with water and cut into two halves or slices. Enjoy your guava with the seeds or scoop out and eat only the flesh.

We hope you find this article useful. We would like to hear your questions and views on how to eat guava. So, do not forget to let us know in the comment section below.

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