How Much Guava Tea Can I Drink: Find Out Here

How much guava tea can i drink (1)

Mabe you have prepared your guava leaf tea and you are windering “how much guava tea can I drink?” Keep reading to discover the dosage and how many times you need to drink guava leaf tea.

Short answer: the recommended amount of guava leaf tea that is considered safe for drinking is one to two cups per day. However, there are not specific days specified for drinking guava leaf tea. It can be taken like other beverages such as green tea and stopped whenever someone feels satisfied.

Read on for a detailed step by step guide.

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Guava leaf tea is an excellent concoction that plays a major role in fat burning, treatment of cancers, and other numerous diseases including infertility.

However, despite all these health benefits of guava leaf tea if you exceed the dosage and recommended amount of guava leaf tea, you may find yourself suffering from constipation and bloating.

And this defeat the primary aim behind taking guava leaves tea.

The above cases that some people may experience (bloating and constipation) are due to a lack of proper consultation before taking guava leaves tea.

Despite even at high dosage of guava tea, these conditions are uncommon, but one has to be extra careful by obeying simple guidelines and drinking the recommended dosage of guava tea.

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How Much Guava Tea Can Someone Drink

How much guava tea can i drink
Guava leaf tea

Most clinical studies found that guava leaf tea worked effectively and without any side effects at 2-6mg/ml and 20-1000g/kg in both humans and animal models.

One 2005 study found that guava leaf extract at 50-800g/kg reduced blood pressure and glucose levels in some African communities.

Another 1988 study also showed that a marked reduction in glucose levels was seen in diabetic mice after receiving 1g/kg guava juice treatment.

Moreover, it was also found in one study that aqueous extract of guava leaves at 0.25-2mg/ml contracted aorta rings significantly.

Additionally, one randomized clinical trial recruiting 122 people showed that treatment with 400g daily of guava significantly decreased oxidative stress and blood cholesterol levels.

One ethnopsychological study carried out in West Bank Palestine found that a decoction made from 100g guava leaves supplemented daily treated lung and stomach cancers.

The above information may be confusing to a layman.

The main takeaway here is that you can boil up to 30 fresh leaves and 10 tablespoons of grounds guava leaves in one liter of water.

The tea that is prepared can be drunk within 48 hours. After this time you need to discard the tea and prepare another guava leaf tea.

You can drink 1-3 cups daily. However, the recommended dosage is 2 cups per day.

If you are starting out, use 10 fresh leaves in 500ml of water. This helps you to figure out whether the guava leaves are right for your body systems.

When your body systems began to be familiar with the decoction and you notice no side effects, you can then boil up to 20 guava leaves in 750ml or 1 liter of water.

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Best Practices

  • Do not take guava Leaf tea while hot. Always allow the tea to cool down to room temperature
  • Always before you begin to use guava leaf tea, check that you are not allergic to guava leaves and fruits
  • Always drink guava leaf tea that is not more than 3 cups daily

Frequently asked Questions

Can I Drink Guava Leaves Tea While Pregnant?

The safety of drinking guava leaves tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not well studied. Therefore, you should only take guava leaf tea under advice from your home doctor.

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How Long do I take Guava Leaves to Lose Weight?

There is no recommended time or days for taking guava leaves to lose weight. When you are weight loss management, just drink guava leaves tea under the recommended guidelines and combine with low carb diets. Stop whenever you feel satisfied. Most people begin to see change normally after three weeks of drinking guava tea.

It is important to not even if you are drinking guava tea and you fail to cut down foods with high glycemic index and load in your diet. There is a high chance that you will not get what you want.


We hope that this article was of excellent help for you in understanding the dosage and best practices for drinking guava leaves tea. We would like to hear more of your questions and views. So, let us know in the comment section below.

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