How Long Should I Take Guava Leaves For Weight Loss?: Find Out Here

How Long Should I Take Guava Leaves For Weight Loss

How many days can you use guava leaves to lose weight? The short answer to this question is that you can take guava leaves at any time as a beverage when you are losing weight. However, taking a break while drinking guava leaf tea and adding different types of teas such as green tea, chamomile tea, coffee, and ginger tea is highly recommended.

Read on for a detailed step-by-step guide.


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How long should I Take Guava Leaves for Weight Loss?

Guava is one of the plants in the myrtle family. Guava possesses evergreen leaves that were found to help improve different body conditions.

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Several studies have highlighted that guava leaves can aid metabolism and stop constipation. The leaves of guava were also shown to help lower blood sugars and cholesterol in both humans and animals.

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It is because of this reason that many people consider guava leaves as a weight loss supplement or tea. However, guava leaves do not make you lose weight directly. But, indirectly guava leaves can help you lose weight by increasing glucose and cholesterol metabolism.

Glucose and cholesterol are the main culprits behind large tummy and excess fats around the waist and thigh. They also aid in deactivating other vital metabolic hormones such as insulin and leptin.

When you take more sugars into your system, your body insulin can reach a level where it can’t longer convert the excess sugars into glycogen. And this failure of insulin to convert glucose to glycogen causes what is known medically as “Insulin resistance”.

When your body insulin can’t longer convert glucose, the glucose will go to the bloodstream and then causes other health-related issues such as diabetes, excessive weight gain, and hypertension.

Several scientific studies on animals have revealed that guava leaves can improve glucose and cholesterol metabolism through managing insulin resistance.

One animal study showed that guava leaves extract control insulin resistance in KK-ary diabetic mice.

However, despite this study was carried out on animal objects, it still showed the potential of guava leaves since these animals have systems that function similar to that of humans.

Moreover, another animal study that is made on rats also revealed guava leaves to promote glucose metabolism by managing insulin resistance and improving digestion.

Both of these animals’ studies only reaffirmed the metabolic benefits of guava. This is because the benefits of guava leaves for metabolism have long been enjoyed for ages by Asians.

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What you need to know

Taking only guava leaves without following the right dietary and lifestyle changes can’t make you lose weight. However, if you are taking guava leaves as a source of beverage with a low glycemic load, which can give a sense of quick satiety without taking many foods with high calories, guava leaves can help here.

But, do not just drink guava leaf tea and then allow your diets with a high glycemic load intact and then expect to lose weight. It will never lose weight this way. You need to actively participate in healthy exercises, eating healthy foods, and then drink guava leaf tea.

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Concerning the time you can take drinking guava leaf tea, you can make guava leaf tea just like any other teas such as green tea, chamomile tea, Jasmine tea, red tea, and ginger tea.

However, if you are allergic to steroids, you need to avoid taking too much guava leaf tea. The amount of steroids in guava leaf tea is very small. But, as you continue to drink guava leaves for long, the steroids may accumulate in your systems to the level that may affect you.

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In this article, I looked at how long it will take to lose weight with guava leaves. I hope you will find the article helpful. Let me know if you have questions.