12 Proven Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves For Skin Backed By Study

health benefits of guava leaves for skin

In this guide, you will learn the roles guava leaves can play in the treatment of various skin diseases. We are also going to look at the health benefits of guava leaves for skin whitening and lightening.

Short answer: guava leaves have many health benefits for the skin and include the treatment of acne, skin wound, and infection, removing black spots on the face, and treatment of stretch marks and rashes.

Keep reading to find more information on the benefits of guava leaves for the skin.


This plant (guava) is well known for its juicy, fleshy,  and delicious fruits. Guava also possesses leaves that are more nutritious than fruits in terms of medicinal value. This wonder leaf was shown to be used by the ancient people of Asia and tropical Americas.

The leaves are widely employed in folk medicine for the treatment of infection, hair growth, cancers, and diabetes. But, is this ancient herb has any health benefits for the skin? Keep on reading to find out.

Here are 9 proven health benefits of guava leaves for skin diseases and infection that are backed by studies.

Guava Leaves For Skin
guava leaves for skin

Guava leaves Improve Skin Inflammation

The leaves of guava are high in antioxidants which prevent and control inflammation. To use guava leaves for the treatment of inflammation, add two tablespoons of both chamomile flower and guava leaf in a clean bowl. Add one tablespoon of honey or one egg white into the bawl. Mix the mixture thoroughly into a paste-like consistency. Then, apply the paste to the affected area.

Guava Leaves May also Help Improve Wound Healing

Guava leaves were also shown to contain vitamin C and folate. These vitamins are very important for the synthesis of white blood cells. And white blood cells are required for wound healing.

You can combine ground guava leaves and eucalyptus oil or leaves to manage wounds. To combine eucalyptus oil and guava leaves, measure out 6mg of ground guava leaves and 2% eucalyptus essential oil. Combine them completely to obtain a paste-like consistency.

You can alternatively use eucalyptus leaves and guava leaves. Just combine two tablespoons of grounds guava leaves and two tablespoons of grounds eucalyptus leaves. Mix them into a paste-like consistency using either water or coconut oil. Apply gently the paste on the area affected by the wound.

Remove Blackheads

Guava leaves can be used to remove blackheads. To remove blackheads with guava leaves, you can either use turmeric or lemon. I know some may be allergic to turmeric because of its strong lightning property. However, combining guava leaves with turmeric can be prevented. This is because guava leaves contain lycopene which prevents skin from the effects of radiation.

The leaves also contain anti-inflammatory agents that can help prevent the effects of allergens. In this case, the guava leaves serve as both sunscreen and antiallergens.

To use guava leaves and turmeric for removing face blackheads, you need to crush 6 fresh and clean guava leaves. If you have fresh turmeric fine. And if you don’t have the fresh, you can use two tablespoons of turmeric powder and add the powder into the crushed guava leaves.

Mix them very well until they are combined with one another. Apply the mixture onto the blackheads. Keep the remaining out of reach of children for future use.

If you are allergic to turmeric, you can use lemon, onion, and garlic. All they are great and they make a perfect combo.

Prevent and Manage Skin Aging

Guava leaves can also prevent and treat skin aging. Skin aging or wrinkles is normally caused by oxidants, poor lifestyle, and malnutrition.

Out of the above-mentioned causes, free radicals or oxidants are the most common causes of skin aging. Guava leaves contain high antioxidants that help in the management of free radicals.

In order to use guava leaves for preventing and treating wrinkles, you need coffee grounds, grounds guava leaves, and egg white. Measure out 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds and ground guava leaves into a clean container. Add one egg white and mix them very well. Use this mixture daily on your skin for about one month. Your skin will look fresh and young.

Control Skin Itching

Guava leaves can improve skin itching.

One of the primary causes of skin itching is the secretion of histamines in the body tissues. These are biochemical compounds that cause the contraction of muscles in the body. So, as a result of this contraction of muscles, you experience skin itching and inflammation.

One study showed that guava leaves can prevent skin itching by inhibiting the effects of histamines and prostaglandins.

You can blend fresh guava leaves and garlic in a blender. Transfer the mixture into a boiling pot and boil for 20 minutes. Remove the pot from heat after this time. Allow the tea to cool down to room temperature. Drink one to two cups daily and stop whenever you feel satisfied.

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Treat Skin Acne

Guava leaves are great for the treatment of skin acne. The leaves help remove dead skin and reduce sebum production. The leaves of guava are also antibacterial, which helps prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

To use guava leaves for acne, you need olive oil, grounds guava leaves, and garlic cloves. Measure out 2 to 3 tablespoons of grounds guava leaves, 10 garlic cloves, and two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix these ingredients in a clean container into a paste-like consistency. Apply the mixture on the area affected by acne. Leave the mixture in the area for about minutes.

Rinse off the area after this time with clean lukewarm water. Store the remaining paste in a safe area. Repeat the procedure above daily and stop whenever you feel satisfied.

Guava Leave Help Provide Even Skin Tone

Guava leaves can be used for the whitening of the skin. Leaves are high in carotene, vitamin C, and B complexes. These vitamins play a major role in providing even skin tone removing dead skin cells. Wrinkles, blackheads, and pimples. You can obtain these benefits of guava by drinking guava fruit juice daily and scrubbing your body with a scrub containing guava leaves.

To make homemade scrub containing guava leaves, you need to have salt, honey, coffee, and grounds guava leaves. It depends on the size you want, you can use 4 tablespoons of grounds guava leaves and coffee, half a cup of salt, and one tablespoon of honey. Combine the ingredients thoroughly and store the scrub in a safe place. Just follow the way you used to scrub your body and scrub your body with this guava leaf body scrub.

Prevent Scalp Inflammation

Guava leaves may also help prevent scalp inflammation. The swelling of the scalp is mostly caused by insufficient blood flow and fungal or bacterial infections. Massaging your hair from the root to the scalp with guava leaf tea was shown to increase blood flow to the scalp.

To use guava leaves for this purpose, you need 1 egg white and two tablespoons of ground guava leaves. Mix the egg white and grounds guava leaves very well until turn to a paste. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp. Leave the paste to stay for about 20 minutes or more. After this time, rinse off your hair with warm water. Repeat the process every day and stop when you feel satisfied.

Improve Skin Texture

Guava leaves can whiten and lighten your skin and thereby improving the skin texture. The leaves are parked with anticancer fighting antioxidants and amino acids. If you have dry skin, you can use guava leaves with coconut oil. And if you have oily skin, you can combine guava leaves with olive oil.

To make a guava leaves recipe for improving skin texture, you need ¼ cup of olive oil for oily skin people and coconut oil for dry skin people. Then add 2 tablespoons of ground guava leaves and 2 tablespoons of sea salt. You can add 2% or 4 drops of chamomile essential oil. Use this mixture like body scrub on your skin. Use the scrub 2-3 times daily.

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Guava Leaves Reduce Tummy Size

Tummy may be boring to some women and they are always trying to keep it to a reasonable size. Using guava leaves is an inexpensive and effective way to achieve this beauty goal. Drinking guava leaves tea improves glucose and cholesterol metabolism, and increase smooth bowel movement.

To use guava leaves for this purpose, you can use the leaves with either red tea or green tea.

Guava Leaves Can Reduce Stretch Marks

The leaves of guava can also be used to reduce fine lines on the skin. This helps beautify skin. It is important to know that treating stretch marks completely is very difficult however by using guava leaves you can make the fine lines less noticeable.

If you want to use guava leaves for removing fine lines, you need 2 tablespoons of ground guava leaves, 2 tablespoons of coffee, 1 tablespoon chamomile flower, and 1 egg white. Combine all the ingredients in one bowl. Mix them very well and then apply them to the affected area with stretch marks. Repeat this procedure daily and stop when you feel satisfied.

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In this article, we discussed the health benefits of guava leaves for skin diseases and infections. We went ahead also to provide information about the recipes, procedures, and various ways you can use guava leaves to improve your skin. We hope that the guide was of excellent help to you. Let us know your questions in the comment section below.

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