How To Use Guava Leaves For Pimples

Health benefits of guava leaves for pimples (2)

In this article, we are going to focus on providing you information on how to use guava leaves for pimples.

In a rush? Guava leaves were shown to inhibit the growth of Cancer cells and they contain active antiinflammatory and antiseptic agents. And both of these are important for suppressing the growth of bacteria and cyst.

Read on to find out detailed information about the use of guava leaves and how to use them for the management of pimples.

Can guava leaves clear pimples?

Pimples can be described as small swelling and lesion that develop when oil glands become clogged and infected.

This causes inflammation, red lesions, dark spots, and secretion or formation of the yellow filled sac that is known as Pus.

Pimple is mostly seen during puberty. However, pimples can also be caused by diets, poor lifestyle, and infection.

Infection is one of the most common causes of pimples, which is caused by acne-causing bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes.

This is a bacteria that clog skin pores and prevent proper movement of air and blood around the skin blood vessels.

This is where guava leaves come in handy.

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of guava leaves in fighting against broad spectrum bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

One study reported that the extract of guava leaf and Juglans regia leaf significantly inhibited the growth of P. acnes.

One study while finding the potential benefits of guava leaves extract on two gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria suggests that guava leaf extract may be a good candidate for preventing bacterial growth.

Moreover, in one study, it was also shown that guava leaves may be a good choice in search of alternative antimicrobial agents.

Guava leaves are not only antimicrobial but also anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in nature.

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How to Prepare and Use Guava Leaves For Pimples

how to use guava leaves for pimples
how to use guava leaves for pimples

There are two forms of guava leaves and include grounds and fresh guava leaves. The way you will prepare your recipe with dried grounds guava leaves is different from the one you will prepare with fresh leaves.

You can also add some herbs and additives such as turmeric, lemon, sandalwood, honey, coffee, sea salt, and egg white.

These herbs and additives can help increase or quicken the curing time.

If you are using guava leaves for treating pimples, it is advisable to use the fresh leaves. This helps you drive the best benefits of guava leaves.

Preparation And Materials

  • 10 fresh guava leaves
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Container

Place 10 fresh guava leaves into a mortar and crush the leaves using a pestle into a paste-like consistency.

Transfer the leaves to clean containers. Use this crushed guava leaves to cover your face or area affected by pimples.

Leave the paste to stay in that area for about 30 minutes. After this time, wash the place with lukewarm water.

Repeat this procedure daily and stop when you see a noticeable change.

Note that after two weeks if you don’t see change, report yourself to the hospital for diagnosis. This is because something else may be disturbing you and can only be discovered with the diagnosis.

You can also combine guava leaves with lemon, turmeric powder, coffee grounds, and honey.

To prepare, just add 1 tablespoon of honey or turmeric powder or lemon juice or coffee grounds into the crushed leaves. Mix them thoroughly until they turn into a paste-like consistency.

Apply the paste on the area affected by pimples. Allow this paste to stay for about 30 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Repeat everyday and stop when you see change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Guava Leaves Remove Pimples?

Guava leaves contain the nutrients and chemicals that are required to remove pimples. The leaves have strong astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. And these properties make guava leaves effective for treating pimples or acne.

Can Guava Leaf Cure Staphylococcus?

Guava leaves contain phytochemical compounds that are proved to be strong antibacterial agents. For instance, one study reported the extract of guava to inhibit the growth of S. aureus.

How Can I Use Guava Leaves to Whiten My Skin?

Find out more information here on how to use guava leaves to whiten your skin.

Can I Apply Guava Leaves On My Face?

Yes, you can apply a paste of fresh guava leaves or grounds guava leaves and mix with either honey or egg white.

However, some people may develop allergic reactions. So, when you apply guava leaves on your face and you begin to experience irritation or itching, that means you are allergic to guava leaves. And therefore you are recommended to stop applying right away.


We have discussed the health benefits of guava leaves for pimples. We also looked at the different methods in which guava leaves can be used to treat pimples. We hope that the guide was of excellent help for you in understanding the health benefits of guava leaves for pimples. Let us know if you have questions or other views in the comment section below.


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