Guava Leaf Tea During Pregnancy: Is Guava Leaves Good For Pregnant Woman

Guava leaf tea during pregnancy

In this guide, you are going to be informed about the myths and facts with regard to the health benefits of guava leaf tea during pregnancy.

In a rush? Short answer: guava leaves tea was Shawn to improve fertility and can also increase the chances of getting pregnant. However, its safety is unknown for pregnant women.

Guava fruits and leaves are considered safe. But, the safety of guava leaf tea is not well studied during pregnancy. A large amount may cause constipation in some people. And An allergic reaction may also occur in some people but that is uncommon.

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The life of a woman early, during, and after pregnancy is the life where different problems and body conditions including loss of blood, immunity, headache, and stomach occur.

It was shown that during pregnancy, women do lack essential compounds such as folate and vitamins for the production of blood and hormone.

During pregnancy, hormones are unbalanced. They are either under secreted or over secreted and this, in turn, leads to hair loss and heart failure.

Therefore, in order to maintain the healthy condition of a woman’s body, there is a need to provide or supplement them with dietary vitamins and minerals.

This is where guava fruits and leaves come into place.

Health Benefits of Guava Fruits for Pregnancy

Guava fruit is rich in vitamins, mineral compounds, and other important phytochemical compounds.

Find out more information about the vitamins and minerals content of guava fruits here

The fruits of guava contain a reasonable amount of folate. This folate is required for the production of blood cells in the body.

So, when women are supplemented with guava fruits, they can benefit from the rich content of folate in guava, which increases blood cells count and flow from the mother to the baby and vice versa.

Guava fruit was also shown to possess a reasonable amount of vitamin C. And this vitamin is found to improve heart functions and prevent high blood pressure in the body.

Guava fruits were also shown to contain minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

These minerals are required for the control of nerves, immunity, and brain abnormalities.

Therefore, serving pregnant women with guava fruits will help prevent hormonal imbalance and improve nervous and immune system abnormalities alongside maintaining a healthy brain.

Moreover, guava fruits also contain essential amino acids, which are required in the body for healthy digestion and DNA synthesis.

The high fiber and water content in guava are also useful for maintaining healthy digestion and bowel movement in pregnant women.

However, it is recommended to remove the outer skin or peels of guava fruits before eating. This helps prevent the increase of blood-free glucose in the body.

Main points: guava fruits without the peels can be used to control and manage problems that usually come early, during, and after pregnancy.

Guava Leaf Tea For Pregnancy

The safety of the use of guava leaf tea during pregnancy is not clearly understood.

However, a thorough analysis of the leaves also showed that the leaf of guava is a reservoir of important phytochemical compounds such as lycopene, carotene, quercetin, and ellagic acid.

The leaves also contain a high amount of flavonoids, terpenoids, and steroids.

These phytochemical compounds are natural pain relievers. They control and prevent inflammation and peroxidation, which indirectly prevent high glucose levels, free excess cholesterol, and insulin resistance.

This in turn prevents miscarriage and other associated pregnancy problems that might be caused by high free blood glucose levels and cholesterol.

Ellagic acid, terpenoids, and flavonoids were also shown to work hand in hand to improve proper communication between the brain and spinal cord.

This increases the chance of nutrients, blood, and oxygen supply to the fetus.

Despite not safety data with regard to the use of guava leaves in pregnant women, several studies made on animals provide a promising result on the use of guava leaves in the management of problems associated with pregnancy.

For instance, according to this study, guava leaves extract improved male fertility by increasing sperm viability and count in gossypol-induced rats.

This is a promising study for couples who are yet to welcome a new baby due to male infertility.

Facts About Guava Leaves and Pregnancy

Guava is considered useful because it helps control and manages most stomach problems such as nausea, heartburn, running stomach, diarrhea, insulin imbalance. And these are the most common complication during pregnancy. However, the safety of guava leaves on the fetus is not well studied.

Main points: the safety of guava leaf tea is not clearly studied for women with pregnancy, however, they can enjoy the benefits if they are advised to take it by their medical doctor.

What  You Need to Know

Guava fruits can be taken during pregnancy. But, make sure you remove the peels and consume only the juicy flesh. This is because the peels are high in sugar which when taken may increase blood sugars.

The fruits of guava are needed for pregnant women because they contain a high amount of minerals, folate, and other essential vitamins.

On the other hand, the safety of guava leaves is not studied. So, despite promising results that are obtained from animal studies, a medical expert should not recommend guava leaves extract or tea for pregnant women.

Your Questions and Answers

Can Guava Leaves Help to Get Pregnant?

Guava leaves can be used to improve male fertility and hair growth in females. However, the use of guava leaves during pregnancy needs to be thoroughly studied and should be taken only under advice from medical experts.

Can I Drink Guava Leaves While Pregnant?

Drinking guava leaves is not encouraged during pregnancy without proper guidance from your doctor. You can take the leaves tea to relieve menstrual pain, infections, and weight gain.

Can Guava Leaf Cure Low Sperm Count?

Yes, guava leaves can control and manage low sperm count, and studies also proved. Several studies showed that guava leaves tea and extract can increase sperm count, sperm viability, and decrease sperm head mortality.

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