Guava For Diabetes: What Are The Benefits

guava diabetes

This is a content guide to the health benefits of guava for diabetes.

We are going to look at how guava and guava products can play a role in the management of diabetes.

To make things easier and simple to understand, we will like to also look at the causes, symptoms, and effects of diabetes including foods to avoid as diabetic patients.

What is Diaabetes?

Diabetes can also be called as diabetes mellitus. It is a metabolic disease condition that is caused by increased excess blood sugars due to the failure of the pancreas and insulin.

Diabetes has resulted from the failure of insulin to convert sugar into glycogen. Insulin is a hormone in the body, which utilizes excess free glucose or sugar in the blood to useful energy for metabolism or store them in the liver as glycogen for future use.

In the case of diabetes, the pancreatic gland (pancreas) that produces insulin is affected or the insulin itself has stopped working (insulin resistance).

This failure of the pancreas to produce insulin or the insulin on the other hand stop converting excess glucose in the blood is what is responsible for diabetes.

There are factors responsible for failure of pancreas and insulin.

These factors include:

  • Poor lifestyle habit
  • High alcohol consumption
  • Hypertension
  • Giving birth to a child that exceed 9 pounds in weight
  • Increase blood fats levels
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates and protein
  • Stress
  • Underlying medical conditions

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Diabetes is a common pandemic with devastating health effects especially around the Middle East and North American regions with an estimated prevalence of 9-10% in adults.

The highest number of adults diagnosed with diabetes is recorded in the Western Pacific region with an estimated prevalence of 37.5%.

Diabetes dooes exist in different forms and include Type1, Type 2, and gestational  diabetes. These are the common forms of diabetes that exist.

Diabetes mellitus is a difficult body condition that proved too hard to be treated causing serious death in society.

However, with the right lifestyle and dietary changes, many patients were seen recovering or cured of diabetes.

This is where guava fruits and leaves come in handy.

Uses of Guava For Diabetes

guava for diabetes
guava for diabetes

Guavas are good snacks for diabetic patients due to the low calorie and high soluble fiber content. Foods with low glycemic load and high fiber content are good for the control of blood glucose, hypertension, and digestion problems.

It was shown in numerous studies that guava fruits and leaves are great for the control and management of diabetes.

One study revealed that the tea of guava leaf reduced significantly the chronic postprandial blood glucose elevation in type 2 diabetic patients.

This study showed that commercial guava leaf tea containing aqueous extract guava leaves improved hyperinulmenia, hyperglycemia, hypoadiponectinemia, hypertriglyceridemia, and hypercholesterolemia in murine models and several clinical trials.

Another study also showed that guava fruits without the peels increased high-density lipoprotein (HDLc) levels and significantly reduced total serum cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Additionally, according to this study, it was found that guava leaf extract proved effective in the management of inflammation, oxidative stress, and hyperglycemia.

It was also shown in this study that the antioxidants present in guava leaves decreased total triglycerides, fasting blood sugars, and glycated serum protein in diabetic induced mice.

Moreover, another study made on human subjects showed that supplementation of guava fruit without the peels decreased the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDLc), serum total cholesterol, and triglycerides.

And according to this study, it was shown that 200mg/kg b.w. of guava leaves increased glycogen and insulin levels including liver functions.

This study also revealed that guava leaf tea prevented high levels of blood glucose level that is caused by the indigestion of free glucose in the stomach and intestines.

Another study like this after a thorough investigation of the effects of drinking guava leaves extract also revealed that the extract was effective in preventing hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia, which is caused by oxidative stress and inflammation.

All the above studies mentioned proved the health benefits of both guava fruits and leaves for the control and management of diabetes.

The benefits of guava and its products have long been enjoyed traditionally by our grandparents and modern scientific findings also reaffirmed the health benefits.


Guava fruits and leaves are the safest plant products approved by most medical experts. However, while you are using the fruits of guava for the control and management of diabetes, it is important to remove the peels and take only the flesh.

And while using the guava leaves tea for the treatment of diabetes, it is advisable not to take the tea too frequently as this may cause constipation.

Take not more than two cups oof guava leaves tea per day. And it should be at least 12 hours in between.


Different case studies were discussed while highlighting the health benefits of guava leaves and fruits for the control and treatment of diabetes.

In this guide, we discussed the benefits of guava tea and fruits in reducing the levels of blood glucose, serum total cholesterol, and low density and lipoproteins.

We will love to hear from you what you have to say about the health benefits of guava leaves and fruits for diabetes in the comment section below.

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